Thanks Ron for the article .... well balanced and much needed. God bless from South Africa.

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The Church's central responsibility is to preach the Gospel. The separation of Church and State is clearly demonstrated in Jesus' Ministry and Paul's teaching of letting the government do their job while the Church's role is to pray for those in authorities. Any attempt to get the Church involved in social issues, as history shows us, is to distract the church from the centrality of the proclamation of the Gospel message. Christ on the eve of His crucifixion told His disciples that if His Kingdom is of this world, His Father would have sent legions of His angels to fight His cause. Psalm One makes it clear that God Alone will separate the chaff from the wheat. The ultimate Judge of humanity is God Himself.

The political agenda of any government, whether in autocracy or democracy, is the governance of their own societies to provide the rule of law and order for the peaceful development of their economy with its attendant ministries in economy, health, trade, et.al. The church's role is to pray for them.

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Dear Ron,

Though you are sincere, you are wrong. Once again you show that you have drifted from the true Biblical faith. How can you support those transgendered people who are masquerading as something they are not (as Satan does, 2 Cor. 11:14), and give such deluded people the right to pretend that they are sane? I am saddened that you have wandered from the truth of God's Holy Word, in order to accommodate the culture.

Do you actually think that if we can only carve out some religious exemptions from this act, that the forces of darkness will be satisfied and leave us alone?

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Good work, Ron. Thanks for calling things like this to our attention.

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Good work Ron. Thanks for calling things like this to our attention.

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LGBTQ or the Alphabet Soup Group and the EDPAGP.

Dear Ron , Once again I am amazed that you are supporting yet another Evil Democratic Party Anti God Platform. (EDPAGP) Along with Abortion ,the murder of innocent Children the above perversions are strictly forbidden in the Scriptures.

You said: "That is necessary and right and all Christians including evangelicals should support that."; ("that " being " legislation to protect gay civil rights.")

Whaaaaaat? As a born again believer I am to support teaching perversion in School? Am I to support men marrying men? Am to I support the Metropolitan Church (Sodomite Church) and be a champion for special laws

made to coddle and legitimatize them? Am I to support Planned Parenthood and their evil agenda of murder and selling of the body parts of their innocent victims? No Never !

Honestly Ron , can't you see the forrest through the trees.. Can you not see how the Democrats ,the radical tree huggers, the pro Alphabet Soup Group are now ruining this country? Do you not see the debacle at the Border ? Do you not see lawlessness , inflation , heartache, fentanyl overdoses rising and all the misery Biden and his frankly STUPID policies have caused? What about the Black Lives Matter leaders who help start all this Woke nonsense living the millionaire life ? How can you stand there and continue to support this madness?

Wake up Sir! I love you as a Christian Brother ,but I can not understand how you can ignore and even support all this evil ?

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