I am finally back from about four weeks of lovely vacation.  Three of the weeks  were up in Northern Maine where we  share a rustic cabin with another couple along  lovely  Nicatous Lake. A family from our church was with us for the first week.  Then our son, wife and children came and I had a great time  helping my granddaughters learn how to fish.  Then the last week, my brother Tenny and his wife Marsha were with us.

Tenny and I fished near Perch Island and the loons and eagles were spectacular.  There was a pair of bald eagles plus their young adult high  up in the trees watching as we fished.  We would toss smaller perch to them and they would swoop down in glorious fashion and grab the fish.  Their young eagle could fly but would not swoop down to grab fish.  Instead the young one kept squawking, asking for fish but the parents did not oblige—trying to teach him to fish for himself.

The loons stay well away from  boats—except when one is fishing and tossing them little perch.  Then they come within a few feet of one’s boat and one can see their gorgeous colors.

Fishing was good and Tenny and I caught a bunch.  And the sunsets were sometimes simply spectacular.

All of this fills me with wonder and gratitude at the amazing creation God has given us.  Some years ago while swinging in the hammock looking over the lake, I wrote  alternative words for the song “Thank you , O my Father, for giving us your  Son…”. The words were: “Thank you , O my Father, for giving us the world, tall and small; and leaving us as stewards to trace your steps and treasure all.”

I am grateful for four weeks of vacation.  Now I will try to be more regular in my blogs. (The pictures are thanks to my brother and his wife.)