Dr. Sunday Agang has COVID-19. Please join me in begging God to grant him a full recovery. 

In earlier blogs (e.g. November 29, 2020), I have told you about Sunday’s crucial leadership in Nigeria and across Africa. After studying with me (MDiv at Palmer Seminary) and completing a PhD at Fuller seminary, Dr. Agang returned to Nigeria and quickly became a leader in the large 10,000,000 plus  denomination, Evangelical Church Winning All. 

Sunday is amazing. His family was so poor that he could not go to school (he had to herd their animals) until he was 18! Fortunately, an uncle provided some financial help so he could start school  at the age when I finished high school. Dr. Agang is now the head of a large evangelical seminary in Nigeria. He is writing important books. He has just served as the major editor of an important book that will be used all across Africa.

Sunday and his daughter Dorcas both have COVID-19. He is in self isolation. He is also wonderfully hopeful. He emailed me this morning saying he would be glad to have me ask the many folks on my blog to pray for him. And he added: “I am absolutely convinced that God will heal me and give me more opportunity to continue with his ministry of preaching the good news of the gospel of Christ to a broken and decaying world.”

I am praying many times day and night that God will do just that. His family, his seminary, his church and Africa need him!

Thank you for joining me in praying for the complete healing of this wonderful brother.

And do share this blog with friends who will join us in praying for this important Christian leader. 

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