In several earlier blogs, I have told you about Dr. Sunday Agang and the important seminary  (Jets/ Jos) that he leads in Nigeria. At Christmas, I also asked you to pray for his recovery from COVID-19. Thank God he is now well again!

Although Dr. Agang was unable to start school until he was 17, he eventually was able to do a MDiv with me at Palmer Seminary and then a PhD at Fuller Seminary. Now he is not only one of the prominent leaders ( as Provost of JETS  seminary) in the 10 million member Evangelical denomination (ECWA) in Nigeria, but also all across the continent of Africa..

You can listen to his moving statement about his vision for his seminary by going to:


COVID-19 and the resulting economic decline have been devastating for Dr. Agang’s seminary. Before these tragedies hit, they had about 600 students. Now, they are temporarily down to 250. The resulting loss of fees means an extremely difficult financial situation.

I was overwhelmed by the sense of discouragement that I felt in a recent email (February 5 ) from my dear friend: “I have just been wondering how JETS seminary will survive the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic. I was hoping that we would be able to have face to face classes this semester, but the second wave of COVID-19 seems more highly transmissible than the first wave. As such we are forced to go virtual which is not feasible for many of our struggling students. And like many other economies of the world, Nigeria is not only in recession but also in inflation. Consequently, online theological education is extremely expensive to the extent that not many students will be able to participate in it. They will have to pay for school fees and buy Internet data if they want to benefit from zoom lectures. They also have to raise school fees during these times of economic recession and inflation. All these factors are making life unbelievably difficult. Although we don’t know what to do, our eyes are upon God, whose power is incomparably great.”

Please join my wife and me in helping at this crucial time. I hope you will prayerfully ask God what God wants you to give to help this wonderful Christian and important seminary so they can get through these temporary crises. They have no interest in long term dependence on outside gifts. But in this extreme emergency, they need our generous help now.

Grace Fellowship Community Church in San Francisco partners with Dr. Agang and his seminary. You can send your tax deductible gift to the church. Make the check out to Grace Fellowship Community Church and send it to 3265 16th St., San Francisco, CA, 94103. Mark the envelope “Attention Nigeria Donations.”

You can also donate online. Go to  and choose “ECWA Jos (JETS)”.

Thanks so very much for your partnership in this wonderful Nigerian ministry. You are participating in the same kind of inter-continental sharing that Saint Paul talks about in Second Corinthians, chapter eight.

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