Two things.

I want to invite you to webinars on the election  that I will do on October 19 and 20.

And I want to invite you to join a very crucial effort—Collars at the Polls—which will have pastors help prevent voter intimidation.


Webinars on “The Pastor’s Dilemma in This Election Year.”

In these Oct 19 and 20  webinars designed especially for pastors, I will discuss the following: Are you struggling with how to lead your congregation to help them think biblically this election year?  Your congregation is sharply divided over politics. Anything you say may offend someone – – or even drive them away! You want all of your people to let Christ be  Lord of their politics. But you struggle to find a way to do that wisely. I invite you to join my webinar on 

Oct 19th @ noon,

Oct 20th @ 7pm

Webinars on “How Can I Talk to Family and Friends Who Dislike/Hate my Politics?”

In these webinars, I will help you wrestle with this problem:  You dislike   many of President Trump’s policies and statements. But good friends and family disagree vigorously with you. Your attempts to start the conversation have produced silence or anger. How can you start the conversation in a way that leads to respectful discussion of your different views? Join my October webinars for suggestions:

Oct 19th @ 7pm.

Oct 20th @ noon


There is an urgent need for pastors to be present at polling stations to make sure voters are not intimidated. We know from the past that a variety of tactics have been used at voting places (especially in minority locations) to frighten and intimidate people coming to vote.

One great way to protect against that is to have pastors in clerical garb (collars and/or robes) at those locations. Just their presence will discourage tactics of intimidation.

Barbara Williams-Skinner and Jim Wallis have put together a very important program in 9 states (including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and Ohio) to train clergy to do this important work. Go to to learn about this and sign up. They will train you.

Protecting the vote  is one of the most important things we can do—especially in this election.

The response to the statement “Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden” continues to be strong. Many thousands have added their signature. Continue to spread the word to all your friends and acquaintances in every way you can. Just tell them to go to

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