For decades, my wife and I lived in a house largely heated by our wood stove downstairs in the kitchen . As a result, the bedroom was usually cold when we climbed into bed. Fortunately that only made us more eager to snuggle closely together in each others arms for our regular bedtime prayers under the covers.

For many years, we have enjoyed  ending most days (and sometimes starting our days) by praying together in each others arms. We pray about   the day's special worries and pressing problems.  Often the prayer gets interrupted while we share a joy or sorrow we had forgotten to mention over dinner or dishes. Together we lift each other's biggest burdens to the Lord. And there's always time to ask God to watch over our children—and now grandchildren.

Devotional snuggling also helps us get over angry quarrels. You cannot hold on to your resentment if you honestly start to open your heart to the heavenly Father.

Those few minutes of warmth and closeness with each other and with openness and petition to God have become regular moments of quiet joy and tenderness.  And just a little more time for prayer is an unbeatable excuse to delay jumping out of bed on a sleepy morning.

In retirement,  we now live in  a cottage where the electrical heat prevents  a frigid bedroom.  But we still love the devotional snuggling.

We would be the first to confess that the warm feelings we experience in our devotional snuggling are not limited to the pleasure that flows from prayer. We are also certain that the God who inspired the Song of Songs does not mind at all. After all physical and spiritual intimacy were God’s idea.

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