Father, in the morning of this new day, I joyfully and gratefully submit every fiber of my being to you and your will. I surrender every corner of my life, every ounce of personal ambition, striving, and longing to you and your kingdom. By your grace, I ask for that purity of heart that wills only one thing—your will and glory.

Lord Jesus, in the morning of this new day, I ask for the grace to make every decision and perform every single act according to the values of your kingdom, according to the model you lived and taught.

And, blessed Holy Spirit, in the morning of this new day, I implore you to shower upon me the fullness of your fruits, gifts, and power. Please intercede for me with groans too deep for human utterance so that all this day I may live and act for the honor and glory of the God whom I love and adore, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

I often fail to come even close to the submission and faithfulness prayed for here, but it represents my desire. I am fairly certain I wrote this prayer decades ago, although I do not know when. And if I actually found it and forgot the author, I apologize.

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